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Principals Academy Certification Test (PACT)

PACT - a centralized admission test for international students - is a service initiative by PAI to streamline the application and admission process for international students who wish to seek admission into Singapore public schools.

With the certification test result being recognized by more than 100 participating public schools, we have, since the launch of PACT in 2004, helped more than 20,000 student applicants save time and cost by removing the need for them to take entrance exams administered at the individual institutions. PACT assists our local schools by providing standardized proficiency certification for entry into Primary 2-5, Secondary 1-3 and Junior College. These student applicants comprise mostly of international students from the region, seeking a place in the Singapore Education System.

PACT also serves as a benchmarking tool of our local education standards. We offer PACT to international students, organizations and educational institutions who seek an accurate gauge of their academic ability. Going beyond merely administering tests locally, PAI also conducts PACT tests abroad with our overseas partners to cater to large groups of foreign applicants. On 27 September 2006, PAI signed an agreement with the Korean Digital Herald, leading to the establishment of PACT-Korea.

For more information about PACT or registration procedures, please visit our PACT website at

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PACT in progress

 Above: Principals Academy Certification Test in progress.