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THiNK! Magazine - A forefront initiative by Principals Academy

In keeping abreast with the educational scene in Singapore, Principals Academy developed and launched THiNK!a magazine which provides Critical Thinking materials catered to the needs and abilities of Primary 4 to Primary 6 students. With the PSLE English examinations including a Critical Thinking element from 2015 onwards, it is timely that a magazine with befitting editorial content is produced to help our teachers and students progress together with the changes.

As a unique resource which is meant to benefit both students and teachers, a complementary teachers’ guide is specially designed for every issue of “THiNK!” magazine. Containing insightful lesson materials, the teachers’ guide provides a holistic perspective on how every section of the magazine can be useful in helping students develop critical thinking skills. With the content written specifically for a classroom setting, we believe that the resource will greatly benefit our teachers and learners in the area of Critical Thinking.

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