D.I. Asia Summit 2018 - Mr Rick Wormeli
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Rick WormeliOne of the first Nationally Board Certified teachers in America, Rick brings innovation, energy, validity and high standards to both his presentations, and his instructional practice, which includes 36 years teaching math, science, English, physical education, health, and history, and coaching teachers and principals. Rick's work has been reported in numerous media, including ABC's "Good Morning America," "Hardball with Chris Matthews," National Geographic and Good Housekeeping magazines, What Matters Most: Teaching for the 21st Century, and theWashington Post. He is a columnist for AMLE Magazine, and a frequent contributor to ASCD's Education Leadership magazine. He is the author of the award-winning book, Meet Me in the Middle, as well as the best-selling books, Day One and Beyond, Fair Isn't Always Equal: Assessment and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom, Differentiation: From Planning to Practice, Metaphors & Analogies: Power Tools for Teaching any Subject, all five from Stenhouse Publishers, as well as Summarization in any Subject, published by ASCD. His book, The Collected Writings (So Far) of Rick Wormeli: Crazy Good Stuff I Learned about Teaching Along the Way, is collection of his published articles, guest bloggings, and more through 2013. His classroom practice is a showcase for ASCD's best-selling series, "At Work in the Differentiated Classroom."


With his substantive presentations, sense of humor, and unconventional approaches, he's been asked to present to teachers and administrators in all 50 states, Canada, China, Europe, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Australia, the Middle East, and at the White House. He is a seasoned veteran of many international Web casts, and he is Disney's American Teacher Awards 1996 Outstanding English Teacher of the Nation. He won the 2008 James P. Garvin award from the New England League of Middle Schools for Teaching Excellence, Service, and Leadership, and he has been a consultant for National Public Radio, USA Today, Court TV, and the Smithsonian Institution's Natural Partners Program and their search for the Giant Squid. In June 2012, Rick was the graduation commencement speaker for the highest performing, public high school in the Washington, D.C. area. He lives in Herndon, Virginia with his wife and two children, one of which is in college and one recently graduated from college. He is currently working on his first young adult fiction novel and a new book on homework practices in the 21st century.


Keynote 2

What We Could Do If We were Brave!

When we are brave, we find the language and spirit to confront complacency and ineffective practice, and, even better, to do something about them. Myth-busting, liberating, and pushing all of us closer to the kind of teacher we always wanted to be, this address affirms and provokes listeners with compelling perspectives about contemporary differentiation and specific action steps to take if having enough courage was not a factor. Leave timidity at the door and join us for an extraordinary presentation!


Spotlight Session

Teaching Gifted or Advanced Students: What Works and What Does Not

They are gifted, so we will give them three book reports to do instead of just one, right? Wrong. Join us for a provocative and practical workshop that provides clear strategies for meeting the needs of gifted and advanced learners. We will examine social-emotional aspects as well as how to increase the complexity or change the nature of tasks in terms of depth, breadth, unusual and critical thinking, and performance. Cure cancer? Bring peace to Darfur? Compose a concerto that would make Mozart weep for its simple beauty? Solve the Unified Field Theory? Reveal a new geometry paradigm that rivals Euclid's? Maybe, but they are still children who need well-prepared teachers.