Aoede Music Teachers' Facilitation Workshop
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Aoede Music Teachers' Facilitation Workshop


Workshop Description

"Whenever and wherever humans have existed, music has existed. "Music makes a difference in people's life; it exalts the human spirit; it enhances the quality of life... Meaningful music activities should be experienced throughout one's life toward the goal of continuing involvement". (MENC 1998)

The Aoede Music programme is designed to give children a delightful experience in music-making. Music-making is broadly interpreted to be performing, composing, improvising, listening and interpreting music notation.

The uniqueness of the Aoede model is that it offers a programme that integrates music with computer technology. The children learn to play the keyboard and other pitched instruments as well as rhythm/percussion with the accompaniment of original music compositions. The children will experience a varied repertoire of music from different cultures and genres. The curriculum emphasizes on visual and auditory recognition of patterns, rhythm, movement and musicality.

The Aoede Music is an innovative programme that uses technology to get children excited about "music-making" (performing, composing, improvising, listening and interpreting musical notation).


Teachers will learn to:

  • Understand and feel for the vision of "The Gift of Music for a Lifetime"
  • Sing – the foundation of musical education (voice is our first instrument)
  • Sing the diatonic & pentatonic scales (solfeggio)
  • Demonstrate Body Movement – locomotor, non-locomotor and dance to music
  • Able to perform Rhythm by snapping, clapping, stomping and percussion instruments
  • Play instruments – keyboard, pitched instrument and percussion
  • Read and write basic musical language
  • Improvise and compose – according to their known music vocabulary.
  • Integrate singing, movement and playing instruments
  • Stimulate imagination by creating narratives and acting out stories or characters in song, movement and instrumentation.


Target Audience
Preschool teachers who would like to integrate Aoede Music into the core curriculum for the holistic development of young children.

About the Trainer

CLim P 1 amdMrs Carmee Lim, B Sc. M Ed (Early Childhood Education) is a visionary educator who is committed to making a positive and significant difference in the way we learn. She is a pioneer in applied brain research and an advocate for music and gymnastics in early childhood. Carmee was the former Principal of Raffles Girls’ School and founding Director of the Principals Academy. She is also an Educational Kinesiologist, who conducts workshops on brain development and creativity.

As an advocate for music, movement and gymnastics in early childhood, Carmee is the designer for both the KidzGym and Aoede Music programmes.

Interested to introduce this programme to your preschool, please contact Joseph Loy by email
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel: 6363 0330 for further discussion.