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Bringing Our Expertise and Experience to You

Principals Academy, backed by its experienced pool of senior educators, serves as a gateway for overseas clients and partners who wish to learn from Singapore's experience in education.

Tapping on Singapore's expertise and leadership in education, PAI provides quality consulting to our regional clients, performing Strategic Reviews, facilitating Curriculum Development and providing Educational Services & Materials. Through the adaptation of our strategies to fit the operating context of our clientele, we ensure that the needs of their learners and educators are adequately met.

Capitalizing on our wide network of internationally renowned universities and trainers, PAI also provides support to local schools, institutions and education organizations, offering advice and consultancy in the areas of Strategic Leadership, Assessment, Pedagogy, Staff Development, School Effectiveness and Classroom Management. We source for the best trainers and programmes around the world and bring them to Singapore and the region, offering Educators and Learners the opportunity to gain new insights and ideas to revolutionize the learning process.

In addition, PAI offers Human Resource Consultancy to the region's schools, institutions and education organizations. With a wide spectrum of our international contacts and sources, we are able to bring in trained educators, professional support and administrative staff into Singapore and the region. PAI also offers local education professionals seeking a change in environment placement opportunities overseas.

The five main areas of our consultancy services are:

  • Educational Services & Materials;
    PAI is committed to the development of effective education institutions that provide a full range of subjects across the academic and vocational spectrum to students regardless of initial ability or aptitude.
  • Strategic Review;
    Through the appraisal and evaluation of the core elements in the institution, we will analyze the school infrastructure, administrative system and human resource framework in order to pinpoint steps that can be taken to further promote effective learning and teaching. Incorporating new technology, framework, infrastructure and systems, we aim to help build institutions that are effective, enriching, environmentally sustainable and actively involved in the community.
  • Continuing Education for In-service Personnel;
    At PAI, we believe that learning is a continuous process, particularly so for the people that are responsible for shaping future generations. We provide training that revolves around the development of professionalism and capability of educators, improving their overall understanding and comprehension of education as well as providing them with specific tools that would allow them to teach with increased effectiveness.
  • Curriculum Development;
    Learning should be fun. By advising on any revision to course loads and subject content with new approaches, our goal is to make the teaching and learning process more effective and enjoyable. PAI will assist your Education institution by structuring your curriculum development proposal, assist in implementing the curricular change and assess the effectiveness of the curriculum change.
  • Assessment Tools;
    PAI offers assessment conceptualization, design and administration to our clients. We are able to identify specific areas and opportunities for assessment & benchmarking, develop assessment tools that are suited our client's local context as well as organize the administration of these tests on our client's behalf.


In line with our efforts to promote Continuous Learning and Professional Development, PAI offers Inbound and Outbound study tours as part of our consultancy services.