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General Ability Test (GAT)

In conjunction with leading schools in Singapore, PAI offers a General Ability Test (GAT) that measures the general abilities of students. The GAT is a standardized platform for Psychometric Testing that is meant to provide an objective benchmark of a candidate's intellectual aptitude, regardless of his/her cultural and academic background.

Administered in the attendance of qualified psychologists, the tests use diagrams to measure non-verbal reasoning and problem solving independent of any formal or pre-learnt knowledge. With all the information needed to solve each problem presented within each diagram, candidates do not have to depend on vocabulary, mathematical or reading skills to answer the questions.

GAT provides a multifaceted estimate of students' general intellectual ability and aptitude that can be administered individually or to a large group. It is structured around scalable testing that uses a common scale as a framework, giving teachers and school administrators the flexibility to match test level to ability across different batches of candidates. In addition, percentiles and stanines allow for comparison with a national norm group at different year levels, providing educators with scores for different strands to help identify specific strengths and development needs within their own schools.

Schools and Educational Institution can utilize GAT to streamline psychometric testing procedures for admission exercises, identifying students who could be selected for extension programs. In addition, GAT can be applied to the general student cohort to identify students who may need special diagnostic and remedial attention. This information can be used to set realistic goals and planning effective programs of work and to locate areas of weakness and strength for individuals or within an applicant cohort.

Currently, the GAT test is a perquisite for students applying into certain schools offering the Direct School Admission (DSA) scheme.

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