Authentic Assessment

Authentic Assessment


Workshop Description

Moving from a strong dependence on assessments that prioritise recall and rehearsal is a global priority. Societies expect schools and higher education institutions to prepare students for effective functioning in professional employment, constructive citizenship, leadership in social contexts, and effective communication of important values and ideals. Authentic assessment can be part of the antidote to the emphasis on recall-and-regurgitate assessments that require recall of 'authorised' knowledge. Nonetheless, making assessments authentic is challenging and quite often remains ignored. In this seminar, participants will engage with the concept of 'authenticity' and how it can be implemented in higher education disciplines. Special attention will be paid to how systems can be adjusted to allow for authenticity.

Authentic assessment mimics what happens in real life. In other words, if the activity is not a reasonable facsimile of what people in the real world have to do, then it is not an authentic assessment. The implication is clear: assessment should be as close as possible to the situation in which one deals with the problem in order to be authentic. Authentic problems are especially ill-structured and poorly defined, meaning the learner has to figure out what is going on before attempting the activity. The challenge in educational contexts lies in that schooling is fundamentally not authentic because it is a 'learning' environment in which errors, mistakes, and failure are to be expected, tolerated, and possibly even exploited. In authentic contexts, however, failure and error are generally not tolerated. A second challenge for authenticity in assessment is that introducing activities is relatively feasible. In contrast, grading such complex tasks poses serious problems for establishing consistency and validity in evaluation and feedback practices. Methods of statistical and social moderation are essential.

Participants in this workshop will engage in a range of activities
a. group or pair discussions concerning learning styles, preferences, and motivations
b. Brainstorm solutions that might be implemented in Singapore educational settings.
c. Mock moderation


Registration Details

Topic: Authentic Assessment

Trainer: Professor Gavin Brown

Date: 10 July 2020 Friday Postponed to 9 September 2020 Wednesday

Time: 9.00pm to 12.30pm

Programme as follow:

9.00am to 10.00am – seminar (1 hour)
10am to 1015am – break
1015am to 1115am – seminar (1 hour)
1115am to 1130am – break
1130am to 1230pm – seminar (1 hour)

Location: Via Zoom

Closing date: 3 June 2020 Friday

Workshop Fee:

S$200.00 per participant. Fees are subject to GST and include all training materials.

Other Information:

Registration is on a first-come-first serve basis. No refunds will be made for cancellations or in the case of absentees. The Academy accepts replacements for registered participants who are unable to attend for whatever reasons.

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If your school or cluster is keen to conduct this as an in-house programme, please contact Joseph Loy by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel: 6363 0330 on the cost of conducting the workshop.

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