JA31123: Learnership

Learnership: The Skill of Learning


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 What is Learnership?

Think of Learnership in the same way as you'd think about leadership, or craftmanship. It denotes a degree of skilfulness. Learnership is the skill of learning.

As an experienced teacher you've honed your craft over many years. You know how to teach and you're good at it. But quality teaching isn't always enough.

Too many of our students are passive learners. The wait to be lead through the learning process. They are satisfied with the immediate gratification of completion, rather than the long-term benefit of challenge. Many students lack an understanding of how they learn, much less what it means to be an effective skilful learner.

Ultimately learning is the product of what the teachers does AND what the learner does. If our students aren't engaging effectively in the learning process, then even the best teachers face an uphill battle!

For example, how many times have you given students carefully crafted formative feedback, only to have it ignored by the students? And how many of your students wait for you to find their mistakes and then wait again for you to show them how to fix them instead of doing that work for themselves?

The Learnership Matrix describes six different types of learners. In this series of workshops, use the Learnership Diagnostic Tool to identify the type of learners you have in your classroom, and then learn how to guide your students in becoming more skilful learners.


Learnership the skill of learning

Why Learnership?

First and foremost, the most effective learners achieve more! When students engage more skilfully in the learning process by embracing challenges, cultivating their Habits of Mind, making the most of feedback and mistakes, and investing their time more effectively they get better results. Not surprisingly many of the strategies we'll discuss rank among the highest of Hatties effect sizes. (1)

But at least as important as student learning outcomes is teacher wellbeing! Ineffective learners need to be lead, and sometimes dragged, through the learning process. They need teachers to guide them through the learning process, set appropriate challenges, correct mistakes and more. All of which is exhausting!

By focusing on teaching students how to engage in the learning process more effectively we give teachers back their time and energy. Look at the Learnership Matrix and ask yourself how different your classroom would be if all you could move all your learners up the matrix just one level! How much more time and energy would you get back? How much more rewarding would your teaching be if your students were engaging in the learning process more effectively.

(1) Hattie Effect Sizes: Deliberate Practice 0.79, Effort 0.77, Help Seeking and Feedback 0.7, Learning Goals V's no goals 0.68, Teachers not labelling students 0.61, Metacognitive Strategies 0.6, Appropriately Challenging Goals 0.59, Explicit Teaching Strategies 0.57, more.)


How Does the Course Work?

This is not a program, and it's not extra work. This is about engaging in pedagogies that focus on students understanding themselves as learners and then engaging in the learning process more effectively. It's about ensuring students are playing their role in the learning process to make the most of the good work you do.

Over 4 x 4 hour workshops, conducted virtually, you'll unpack the concept of learnership. All sessions will be recorded, plus you'll have access to the Learnership online course for 12 months to provide extra resources for extending your learning.

This is a highly practical course. While you'll be given deep insights into the learning process, the focus is very much on what you do in your classroom to help student become better learners. Each topic includes tools, strategies and techniques for you to apply immediately in your maths classroom.


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About Mr. James Anderson


James AndersonJames Anderson is a speaker, author and educator who is passionate about helping educators develop more thoughtful students. Originally a teacher and school leader, for the past 20 years, James has been working with schools to make classrooms more thoughtful places. He challenges teachers to think deeply about their own Mindsets and how their beliefs are communicated to students in often subtle and unintended ways.


In his 2018 book, The Agile Learner he skillfully combines three key areas of research: Growth Mindset, Habits of Mind, and Practice to create the concept of the agile learner. He is the creator of the Mindset Continuum which gives educators a deep understanding of their role in nurturing a more growth-oriented mindset in their students. His work is both practical and powerful, providing the tools teachers need to ensure their students not only understand they are capable of growth but also understand how to go about achieving that growth! A Certified Speaking Professional and sort after presenter James engages and empowers educators around the world.




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Session 1: Monday 8th November 2021

Session 2: Wednesday 10th November 2021

Session 3: Thursday 11th November 2021

Session 4: Friday 12th November 2021

Time: 2 pm to 6 pm Singapore Time GMT+8 for each session

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Session 1: Monday 22nd of November 2021

Session 2: Wednesday 24th November 2021

Session 3: Thursday 25th November 2021

Session 4: Friday 26th November 2021

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Session 1: Tuesday 31 May 2022
Session 2: Wednesday 1 June 2022
Session 3: Thursday 2 June 2022
Session 4: Friday 3 June 2022

Time: 9 am to 12 pm Singapore Time GMT+8 for each session

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